Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is anybody listening?

Is anybody listening?

Another good post on the environment from the ABC Ockham's Razor website (link
Arthur Marcel llecturer as Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane was speaking about global warming and he compared the circumstances surrounding the sinking of the Titanic to issues surrounding global warming.  At the end of the talk he says that "Apart from various expectations of divine deliverance, if they think about it at all, most of the Earth's passengers seem to be placing their faith in future technology. Certainly, global warming is open to a technical fix. However, this fix is not the lifeboat kind. The technological solution is to avoid hitting the iceberg altogether by rapidly reducing the amount of carbon being pumped into the atmosphere and removing a lot of what is already there. This simple solution is, however, getting little support and with each passing day its viability is diminishing. There is little wonder that the ranks of informed, rational, but deeply pessimistic observers of the progress of the good ship Earth are growing." Is somebody listening out there?

I just love space pictures this one is also from the ABC science site:)

Dougal and I have been working hard, mowing, studying and weeding.  Well last night I had to watch a movie for a uni subject.  The movie "The Colour Purple" was made in 1985 - good story....have we changed though?

Today I have to start a new essay - I have done the research and readings so I actually do have an essay plan - how about that:):)  I hope you have a good day too...

The photos below were taken last week and I just love the colours - my aim today is to make good progress this morning on the essay and do some art this arvo:):)

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