Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exams, the world, and Dougal's coundown to day 0

One of things about being at uni is that you have assignments, essays, in class tests, take home exams and the big one, end of subject exams...  well I am now in the midst of writing two major essays, about to start another one today, and have to study tonight for an in-class test tomorrow am.  On the way home after the test, my mind and heart will be saying thank god its friday, thank god its friday....but friday doesnt mean what it used to....gotta get on with the major essay that I am starting in just a minute, to submit it by next week.  So instead of saying thank god its friday, right now I'm thinking, thank god I have done most of the reading:):)

I must admit I have only listened to a couple of news reports this morning and I am a tad confused about the situation in Libya - I just hope it is sorted out soon.

Well this is the day before Andrew flies out to England. Dougal and I are getting more lonely each day.  As Andrew rushes around trying to sort out tickets etc. we are taking lots of notes on all the chores he wants us to do while he is away.  Important stuff like watering plants and feeding the chooks - so we will have the pen and notepad at the ready this afternoon as he takes us on the final inspection and debrief...

Dougal relaxing for now:):) 

We have a poem for the day - I think its sort of appropriate with Andrew going away for awhile...

Black Night

Black starry night, cold frigid

air betrays our presence

your arms around me

your mouth on mine

is this what heaven

feels like?

We walk along, time together

drawing to a close, we

both take a bow to the

inevitable, but do not

want this to

be goodbye.©

Have a good one:)


  1. I don't get what is happening in Libya too, but I am hoping affairs there get better soon. It looks crazy.

  2. Worst thing is that the hospitals are able to treat the injured and dying.

    thanks for dropping by...