Friday, March 25, 2011

Politics, Japan,wer'e back on the air, and pictures of more paintings

So much happening in the world and not much of it good according to our media reports.  One thing I am happy about is the ongoing discussion/debate around carbon taxes in Australia, and consideration of nuclear power in Europe.  I hope that the disaster in Japan won't be wasted as an example of what can happen when we rely on power from a source that is 'so powerful'.  We are never really in control, its all an allusion and as I keep thinking to myself, nature is not a silent partner in our experiment...

We are now back on the air, there was a big flood event early in the week in our region.  We were cut off by flood waters in all directions for a couple of days and we had no power for over 28hrs.  Our place is okay but when I drove through town yesterday, the trail of destruction following the river breaking its banks at record peak levels was a little humbling to see.  Fortunately, no lives lost, just lots of damage and communities really getting behind each other...we human beings arent all bad:):)

I managed finally to take some more photos of my paintings, so I thought I would put a couple here for you to have a look at:):)

Have great day - I'm off to uni now....

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