Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sundays - and poem no2

I have had a slow start this Sunday morning for some reason, but sometimes that's what Sunday's are for isn't it?  I have received some lovely feedback on my poem yesterday - so thank you:):)  I keep finding that this blogging world really is a creative space.

I have put the next poem on today and I am thinking about putting together a number of my poems for a collection for publication - I know...big plans but heh, you have to have a dream:):):)  This one is called 'Trust'

I’ve known the answer all along
To my questions
As I search for
my place in an ethereal space

The journey covered many hurdles
To open my mind
And allow my heart
To be claimed

My heart had to learn
to lay its own claim
To feed my empty soul
Its life-blood had been almost stilled

Then you came beside me
believed in me – you were always there
I just had to learn to
reach out for your hand.©

Lots of good vibes:):):)

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