Sunday, March 20, 2011

Libya, Poem for the day, Lazy Sunday - no really, only working on one assignment:)

It is Sunday again, and pouring rain.  Not wanting to sound ungrateful for the lovely precipitation we have received, I would really love some sun.  Never mind though, its great incentive to be in the study, with a cup of hot chocolate and some nice bickies, and work on my uni stuff:):) 

Woke to the news this morning that there has been quite a lot of action in Libya - I just hope that the people dont have to suffer too much more... hanging onto power never has a pretty outcome!  Not forgetting Japan, I really hope the aid efforts can get in to the affected regions and supply people with much needed food and shelter.

Just wanted to post some happy-type photos today:):)

Poem for the day

Woman's Song

A woman's strength is her love
that she uses to nurture.
Her serenity is the
That from the dawn of time.

Reaches into the
As she sings a timeless
Her love envelops

A woman's spirit in
with rhythms of
Earth grows
and sustains.

A woman's voice reaches
through generations
is heard
by future

Who reach back, and
then have
their faces
to the future,
knowing love
as a constant. ©

Hope you have a great day  xxx


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  2. Hi Olavo, thank you for your lovely comments, I am on my way to your blog now:):)