Saturday, March 5, 2011

Birthdays and Poetry - am I game enough

Its a lovely Saturday morning, a little cloudy but cool and I love the cooler weather.  There is definitely an autumnal air which affects the quality of the light - great for musing and photos.

Its birthday time - lots of friends and family are having birthdays in early March - happy times, although some are a little sad at the increasing wrinkle factor - me I am happy to be turning 57 on Monday.  Once you have had the big C in your life and been through the chemo etc process, ageing means something a little different - well  to me anyway:)

Over the last few days I have been immersing myself back in the English Literatures and writing etc and it came to my attention that I had not actually been brave enough to post any of my poetry on my blog.  Well here goes, today I will post the first poem, titled Music....

The song plays
Notes ripple nimbly
Along the harp strings

I feel the sound ripple
Tripping surely over
My heart strings

I feel such warmth
Gently coursing through
My soul’s life-blood

At last I’m heading home
I know where I belong
My heritage has claimed me through its song

My heart-soul search for belonging
Is almost at an end
As the chords of the song reached out and held my hand.©

I also discovered that Overland has a blog and some great posts:  the link is below if you are interested - check it out.


  1. What a beautiful poem! You need to post more poems... And, I can not believe that you are turning 57; you look so young :)

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  2. Thank you - it was a big step for me to publish my first poem here, but I will post a couple more in the next days:):) I will also have a look at your blog too:):)