Sunday, March 27, 2011

NSW Election outcomes and more study....

Well now we go over the results of the NSW Election and I am sure that it wont be long before the analysis begins...and let the blame game start.  My only concern is that when you look at the policies of the new Libs/National parties - they leave a lot to be desired in relation to looking after our environment.  From what I have read so far, indications that the policies will be a business as usual approach which will be manifested through: opposition to the Federal Government’s proposed Carbon Tax Scheme; focus on development in regional areas; and the contribution of the mining industry to the NSW economy.  Ah well, we will see how long the honeymoon period lasts:):) 

More study today, but, I am making progress.  I have completed two minor assignments and now have two major assignments underway, with a third almost ready to start.  I will dance a jig for sure when the semester ends, but meanwhile I love my hot chocolates, yummy biscuits and cake, and a glass of port before I go to bed.  Gotta stay sane:):):)

Poem for the day


The haunted face,
Eyes streaming,
From the ash and smoke.

The fear,
held in check,
by commands
shouted and hurled
on the run.

The fire,
Walls of flame,
70ft. high.
An invincible enemy.

People running,
Adrenalin pumping
Through tired aching
fearful bodies.
No time to think.
Thank God.

No rain in sight,
No respite.
From the hurricane winds
blowing day and night.

More trees are swallowed
By the 70ft. inferno.
A vicious unrelenting beast.
To face through human eyes.

He looks on now.
The firefighter.
No more he can do. Ó

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