Friday, March 4, 2011

Women's Issues - Feminism vs radicalisation of identity

I have just read the ABC Drum blog by Jennifer Wilson in which she discusses the "... recent Drum articles by Christian sexual conservative Melinda Tankard Reist..."  Wilson states that Reist bases her ideology "...on appeals to presumed universal truths and values. Melinda is in the business of creating totalising cultural narratives, rather than finding solutions to concrete issues women face."  While I am not a radical feminist I agree with Wilson, there are concrete issues that women face everyday in their lives that could do with sorting out.  Systemic cultural and other types of abuse should be addressed, but in our efforts to help each other, let's not presume to know what is best.  Instead, ask women what they want, and let's try to work together to create a safe space for women from all walks of life to air their hurts.

I took a few practice photo's before I went on holiday as I had to finally get out the camera manual and read it to try and improve my photography.  Guess what, using the manual actually sometimes does work:):)  Hope you like the photos below.

How can we not love nature and want to do all we can to protect our environment - my support goes to people like Naomi Oreskes who are trying to debunk the 'doubt merchants'.


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