Sunday, March 13, 2011

Easy Sunday morning

Well I was going to start the post as I started the day, saying to myself "its Sunday - easy day" - but no, the pace just ramped up a notch! I am following the Japan story and really feel for the people involved in the tradegy.  The thing that has me a little concerned though is the issue of iodine kits to those people living close to the nuclear reactor that has suffered some sort of leak.   I really hope that the proponents of a nuclear future for Australia take note!  there is a great post on the future of the Tarkine Wilderness area in Tasmania on the ABC Drum Blog.  Having just visited near the Tarkine on our recent holiday I am really cranky to hear that there are now 3 mining projects awaiting approval for that area.  Have and look and leave your comments:)  our stupidity beggers belief sometimes!

Now to me - selfish I know:) I have at last made a real start on the book I have been trying to write now for years and I can't wait to get back to it.  Even to the point of turning down the opportunity to go 'shopping'...

So to make time for the writing, I have just finished the housework, will make us a cuppa and then into it!!!

I should just say that all the photos on my blog are mine - if I use anyone else's I will say:):)  Like this one for instance - it is one that my husband Andrew took of our holiday in Tassie - at the Hazards Beach in Freycinet.  Tasmania is a lovely spot - we must preserve it for our children!!!! generational equity...

To keep me on my toes - today's poem is:

Call to me


deep ocean


call to me



enfolding, mesmerising

merge with me



drowning my senses...sets me free.©  

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