Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nuclear Energy debate, NSW Politics, and life in general

I declare my interests in a 'no nuclear energy path' for Australia.  Whatever ideological beliefs are in place in the no nuclear energy options/climate change/move to renewable energy options debate, once we move down a 'nuclear energy path' we are committed.  It does not matter what Precautionary Principle risk management or regulatory systems are in place, there is always the risk.  The big issue with nuclear power is that innocent people/generations get caught up if there is a disaster. 

I agree with comments that it will be months before we really know the outcome of the situation in Japan but I am over being told one day that the situation is in control, and then, the next, that it is not.  Is the situation really oscillating in that way, or is it just the information/propaganda that is?

NSW Politics - wow, have we really reached the bottom of this never ending black pit of politics in NSW?  If the reports are to be believed, public servants are shredding sensitive records about the NSW Government as I write.  If I remember correctly, and I admit I was once a federal public servant, we had to ensure that our records/files were up to date, and accounted for/available.  Now this just didnt happen at election time, we had file musters a couple of times a year at least, and woe betide anyone who could'nt find that file they had been working on.  Wonder if Julian Assange is on the job?

Wonder what sotires these old rocks and tree stumps can tell:):)

Poem for the day


How can they be
So certain of what
I would like, they
Talk of perceptions

And yet they have
No idea of
What my heart

My heart longs to
Sing out in love
the rhythm flowing
through. ©

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