Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday - very busy week ahead, support for renewable technology, no serious support.

We are off to a very busy start to the week. Andrew has to fly to England to see his Mother, who is in care, and has not been well.  She has decided that she does not want any more medical treatment so the family are all flying to England to be with her. In one way it is a sad occasion, but in another it is affirmation for her - her choices are being supported, and the family will be together for the first time in many many years...

That leaves me and the dog at home - Dougal will become a very busy companion helping with chooks, mowing, cooking (no I dont cook for myself), Dougal and I will lose a lot of weight while Andrew is away. 

Uni is ramping up and as I have a full load, my life outside the study is ramping down.  Only a couple of months left - then hooray:):):)

Enough of me...our world and its people seem to be in need of some sort of good news day...but you know there are lots of good things happening in small ways, and these are very important...there is still much beauty in the world. However, I am concerned that there is not enough action being taken on climate change by supporting reaearch and innovation, and implementing renewable energy projects.  In small pockets there are government grant programs etc but there is as yet no national strategy that is fully supported by the $'s needed.

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