Saturday, March 19, 2011

Migrant Experiences and study and rain...

There is a great article on the Overland Literary Blog at

The article was about the Antithesis Festival in Melbourne with its main theme one about the real Greek people as opposed to the stereotypes we see in films and read in fiction.   Migrant experience are interesting for me as an older uni student studying English Lit, and the book ‘Loaded’ which is by a Greek author. As an English/Irish Migrant to Australia (a country I adore)  my (our) experience/s werent seen as important – we speak the same language…lol…problem is, Australia is nothing like England or Ireland…so isolation of self and culture did take place. Hope their fesitval gets bigger and bigger and gets lots of support:):)  Would'nt it be great if diversity was celebrated, and not seen as something to be feared.

I am in the study this weekend trying to get ahead with assignments for English Lit - one on the book Coonardoo by Katharine Susannah Pritchard and a poem by Wordsworth...all good fun - its raining outside so I dont have to feel guilty about not getting out there and working... The weather gods have decided that we need rain - and we have been receving rain on and off since last week.  Now we definitely are not complaining, but my house is now starting to look like a commercial laundry and I am having to rethink my wardrobe:):):)

Have a great day:):)

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