Friday, March 11, 2011

Poets need to lighten up:)

I was reading the Overland Literary blog (link this morning and a post by Maxine Clarke caught my eye.  In response to one of the comments she said that “…many of us poets are too serious a bunch in general…we need to lighten up about ourselves and our work…” – mmm you know I feel really good that she posted this on her blog because I usually feel really bad that I love writing poetry, some serious stuff, but I still love shoes…and handbags…and going to the hairdressers:):) Now I know I am not the only one!

I re-posted this photo as I really would love to see something positive happening on a grand scale to help our environment.  Would you like to join me in starting a movement or something? - let me know what you think we can do!

Poem for the day


The distance between rhetoric and


The impact on lives of

                                       another’s words

Words are like swords

Action follows words

your words

impinge on

my life


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