Saturday, March 26, 2011

Voting today in the New South Wales elections and busy weekend studies

We are voting today in the New South Wales Elections and I have just been out and placed my vote.  As I have been doing my homeworkd for my environmental subject I have been checking out government funding for fossil fuel industry research and development and development of renewable energy technology.  And I have to say that the results are very disappointing.  The disparity between how the two industries are funded is enormous....we really need strong politicians that we can support to make much needed changes.

Study this weekend - I have several assignments due in the next few weeks and most are under control - just gotta get the research done...but I have put a couple more pictures of my paintings below:):):)  have a great one....


  1. Found you on the World according to Pia and thought I would drop in. You are so, so right about the need for funding into the development of alternative energy sources and strong politicians. Sadly fear we are not going to get either quickly.
    Love your paintings.

  2. Thank you for your lovely feedback on the paintings. I understand that having a strong viewpoint doesnt always work within the party machinery,but real leadership is needed to forge through change.