Monday, March 14, 2011

Carbon tax, shopping in Canberra and mus'nt forget, Uni

Carbon Tax
Although at Federal, State and Local levels, governments in Australia have put in place a number of measures to help deal with environmental issues, there is still no agreement on implementing a national approach to either a carbon tax or an emissions trading scheme.  The failure of the Rudd Government to win support for its Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, and the ongoing inconclusive debate on the economics of climate change mitigation measures, have resulted in a dilution of the need to improve the current selection of policies.  A carbon tax is just one initiative that the Australian Government can put in place now, to provide communities and businesses some about their future operating environment and to give them an incentive to implement their own emission reduction and energy savings measures.  Let's wish them luck! 

Shopping in Canberra
Well I have aired my views this morning about doing something concrete for the environment and tomorrow I am having a day off in Canberra.  It is time to catch up on new technology and check out a reasonably priced lap-top.  I am also looking forward to checking out the looks for the new season as winter approaches.  Do I feel guilty - yes, but I like to think I am doing my bit to support the local economy.

This semester I am studying 'the environment' and english literature.  I am really enjoying english lit but I have to say the more i learn about the doubt merchants, sceptics gallery and multi-national corporations and the fossil fuel industry, the more I quake in my boots about the future.  Thankfully, english lit keeps me sane.  I am currently reading Toni Morrison's "The bluest eye", a fantastic book about the concept of 'beauty' and the impact of being told either directly or indirectly, that you are not acceptable, or pretty, of being 'othered'.  Morrison is a great writer, if you ge the chance, check it out, its not a long book and it is easy to read.

You will note that I am trying to be organised - its a carry over from trying to orangise my uni stuff:):)

Today's photo is from around the Wineglass Bay area in Tasmania - I know I keep posting photos of Tassie, but really, we have to stop them from just digging up the place for the mighty dollar.  Its my photo today - I will use more of Andrew's photos in the next few days - lovely husband to have that he is:):)

Poem of the day
There are only a couple of poems left to post till I have a collection of twelve - you will have to let me know if you want me to keep putting my poems on the blog after we reach the magic number:):)

Eyes of Shame

Curtains drawn over eyes of shame

what do they hide



Innocence betrayed, love torn asunder

reinvented and then hidden, to survive


Looking into the eyes of shame

what do they hide


Fear, guilt and knowledge of pain

hurry past

outside. ©

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