Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday 1 March

Why use today's date as a post title.  Well for me it officially marks the autumnal light that casts its glow over our little piece of paradise and also that the days are starting to shorten.  Daylight savings is not due to finish just yet, but regardless, daylight hours dictate their own curve. 

As I sit and write the blog today, my desk is littered with papers that I have printed off for uni, which of course I will diligently read - plus the Country Style magazine.  Why the magazine, well the magazine is holding an inaugural writing comp which I may enter....lol...  so for all you other writers out there - have a look:):)

To more serious things, I am intrigued and somewhat 'over' the debtates between political parties on whether we should have a carbon tax, or a cap and trade scheme, whether it should be market based or be fixed priced...the interviews this morning on the ABC concentrated on what Julia Gillard said before the election...helloo, there has been a lot of water under that bridge and its time to move together to really tackle policies for a more sustainable future.  Australia can lead the way so the slogan goes, but guess what, Europe and even China are already there!  Yet again petty Federal politics will hold us back.  And for voters in NSW, well our future seems to be cast for us with the financial settlement of the now infamous electricity sell out by the Kenneally government.  Wonder who will write Christina Kenneally's autobiography?

Enough now, this time last week we were enjoying the stunning area in Tasmania's southern most tip and I have put a few of the Tassie photo's taken from our walks in the Cockle Creek area below - just to show how lovely it really is:):):)

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