Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthdays are lots of fun and Poem No 3

Well it is my Birthday today and there is something about saying to yourself  "I don't have to do that if I don't want to - it is my birthday after all" that I really like.  So, even though I have all my usual chores to do today, and Uni later this afternoon, for some reason I don't feel pressured.  Because I am telling myself "you can opt out any time you want"  -  should really keep that mantra going, if it creates a more relaxing environment heh...

Back to reality - I am getting a little irritated listening to the morning news with items on what the NSW politicans are doing around the hustings, the promises they are making, the money they are wasting...I am all for free speech and informing people about your policies, but the libraries are full of books that record the broken promises....

And now for Poem No 3 - how many do you need for a collection, silly questions I suppose, a small collection would probably only need about a dozen maybe....mmm...only 9 to go then:):)


I don’t want to think about things any more
I just want to listen to the rain
I don’t want to feel anything
I just want to watch the water
Finding its way down my window pane,

I don’t want a feeling heart
I just want to be like the rocks
Overlooking the ocean
The wind blowing in my face
Shaping me sometimes gently
Sometimes not.

I don’t want to have to keep up or
Match the pace
As my life whizzes by
and My breath always just one
Nano second behind

I want to be stationary for awhile
And watch the ebb and flow of the
Water, allow it to marks its way through
My vision and then my inner self
Creating streams and rivulets of patterns.©


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