Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finally getting organised:)

Uni timetable is now settling down after I had to make subject changes to accomodate timetable changes that resulted in subject clashes, whew!  I am looking forward to this semester and undertaking two English Lit subjects.  I was talking to a friend from Canberra the other day and they told me that they had lectures on Friday at 5:30pm - I mean who does that? My thoughts go out to the students and lecturer involved:)

Well my question to you, Barry O'Farrell, is what are you going to do about the way planning and development is handled in this state?  We have reached a new low in Ministerial conduct as yet another major development is signed off without having gone through the proper processes.  I am all for freeing up some of our bureaucratic red tape, but you know, some checks and balances are critical.  I dont think the Libs should just assume that voters will vote them in (I know - we are all expecting a massive swing here) but there are independent and 'green' candidates too!

Can anyone tell me what role the mosquito plays in the food chain?  I went outside mid afternoon yesterday to do a little weeding and get away from the computer, and 10 mins later (I kid you not) I was covered in nasty itchy lumps.... not feeling very generous to them this morning!

My problems are small (although it is all relative) in comparison to those in Libya at the moment.  I do hope that something can be done soon by the international community to help the people caught up in this awful situation. 

Wish we could all fly free - like the birds here:):):) 

Have a good one!


  1. It's amazing the monstrosities a terrible person like Gadafi could think up no? Terrible.

  2. Hi there

    I agree - it's a cruel world when you find out what is going on via the media, and the events are so far away you feel many conflicting emotions, ranging, from "thank god I am not there" and omg - what can I do to help.

    Keep feeling!!!!!