Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nuclear energy debate and other stuff...

I have heard this morning that the nuclear problem is under control in Japan - my heart goes out to those people living with the uncertanties of situation.  But, I am pleased to see that the nuclear option as an alternate energy source 'debate' is back out in the open for discussion, particularly in light of Angela Merkel in Germany calling for a three month moratorium only (not sure if I have spelt that correctly) before she signs off on extending the life of ageing nuclear power plant infrastructure.  This is another big problem coming our way.  Our Earth is not a silent partner in our experiment!

I had a terrific day in Canberra yesterday - got to see my son, first time in a few months, so it was a special time.  Also got to see the new plants for Autumn planting and of course, new shoes, and new winter collections.  As I say, had a great time but back to reality today - more work needed on assignments. 'sigh'.

Poem for the day, do you know we only have one left to go for a collection of twelve:):)

Remnants of Pride

She watched a dream

crumble to dust

as she picked up

the remnants of


But pride is a sin, she

knew that too...but

pride would get her

through this day

till, the dark

She could take out the

shattered pieces of

her heart, no not able to feel

no tears left to cry

as she said goodbye

To a life...she had dreamed

of, not rich, not famous

but hers...a life with

no shame, where she

could hold her eyes toward the sky. ©


  1. Wow, that is a powerful poem... My heart actually feels really sad for this girl. I think it is because I have had moments that I have had to let go things that were important to me at the time. Now, I am glad that I did, but then I did not.

  2. that was good. come check out my blog!

  3. Thank you for stopping by and commenting - blogging is an interesting journey:):):)