Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Libya, Japan, weaving and count Dougal's countdown to day zero...

Both the Japan nuclear power plant story and the unfolding events in Libya where the gains and losses of the rebels changes almost daily are two stories where we (the media viewing public) will never get to know the real beginning, middle and end of.  We see the highlights but only have spasmodic interface with the people on the ground...trying to live...while the world looks on...I really hope there are good outcomes for all involved but the number of people dying is hard to comprehend from behind a computer screen in a safe rural study in Australia.  I hope...I hope...I hope...

Dougal the dog is counting down the days before Andrew leaves - only two to go.  Never let it be said that animals dont know when something is up - this dog of ours is clamped like a magnet to our heels...  I have tried to explain to him that we will have to fend for ourself (remember I dont cook) and he just looks up at me with his big trusting eyes, wags his tail, and then wanders off to get his ball.  Poor thing, he just doesnt know what is ahead as we look after the chooks, mow, weed, study, write assignment papers and listen to online lecturs.

A lovely friend of mine is helping me get into weaving.  Yesterday she helped me set up a big loom.  I still have to finish threading up and then I can make a start. It will be nice to sit down for half an hour before I go to bed and do something relaxing:):):) gotta turn the mind off to get to sleep.

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