Thursday, March 10, 2011

Species extinction and other stuff

I am finding the coverage on the current carbon tax debate ‘not quite riveting’, particularly the commentary on compensation.  If you are interested in why we need to move forward now with the implementation of renewable technology, and not more debate, have a look at the following link for the Copenhagen Diagnosis Report available at   I seem to feel emotional a lot these days, but the picture of the polar bear on a small piece of floating ice made me cry when I think of species extinction and just what will be left for future generations to enjoy.  Shades on 2012 and Mad Max combined. 

For me, life is very hectic but rather wonderful - so I am thankful that I am so lucky:):)

Poem No 6 in the collection - hope you like it


As I watch the crashing waves against the golden sand
my thoughts turn inwards, to the rolling and crashing
of memories and emotions jumbled in a whirlpool waterfall

Down... down in the deep dark abyss I have been
submerged in the depths and almost drowning
in an emotional waste-land, I gasped for sanity

For me, time became an ephemeral dream
so unaware of the reality of life
it passed me by, while I floated in a fathomless vortex

Abruptly, violently...reality and I rejoined
to meet together and slowly begin the long journeyup,
painfully, impatiently, the surface beckoning

Sunlight glimpsed in tiny shards, ever showing the way
reason growing, the fear became a knowing
was I changed, am I me, emergence as deep as the journey.©

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