Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Climate Change Debate

Isnt it great to see the climate change debate at least in the media headlines again - even though we need to really start actualising policies to ensure a sustainable future.

We attended a meeting last night held by John Hatton a former NSW independent who is standing for election again in the Upper House.  His platform is corruption and he would like to see an Enquiry into the Development and Approvals and associated processes to get to the bottom of some of the really bad practices that have apparently been taking place.  The interesting thing that John kept stressing was our defamation laws!

I also saw an intresting interview yesterday on the NZ Climate Show with Naomi Oreskes about her book The Merchants of Doubt.  If you have about 20 mins its worth having a look at and the link is:

Short and sweet I hope today as I am off to an early lecture - all good fun its and English Lit subject and I love books:):):)  have a good one

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